Legislation 0107-22 - Public Building Accessibility for Navajos with Disabilities


Call Your Council Delegate ASAP!!!!

Legislation 0107-22 - Public Building Accessibility for Navajos with Disabilities: In 1979, the Navajo Nation Council, as part of an Affirmative Action Plan, mandated that Navajo Nation governmental buildings are to be physically accessible for our relatives with a disability.  Since that time, forty-three years later, there has been very minimal effort to address this long-standing overdue disability need.   

With much effort from Honorable Eugene Tso of Chinle, Legislation 0107-22 has been placed on the Navajo Nation 2022 Summer Council Session agenda.  This legislation is under “New Business” as Item L and is described as “for the renovation necessary of certain Navajo Nation government facilities, to provide access to persons with disabilities.”

This Summer Council Session started this week on Monday, July 18, 2022.  This legislation has not yet been reviewed by the NN Council and will likely be considered on Wednesday, July 20th, Thursday July 21st, or Friday, July 22nd.  Please call or text your Council Delegate to “Vote Green” on passage of this very important disability legislation.       

For more information, please call Hoskie Benally, Jr., Community & Government Liaison of the Native American Disability Law Center and President of the NN Advisory Council On Disabilities at 505-809-0668.