Donald Chee



Diné, is originally from Tsé Łichii Da’askaní (Red Valley), Arizona. He is Tá’chiiní (Red Running Into the Water Clan), born for Ashiihí (Salt Clan), his maternal grandparents are Kinłichiiní (Redhouse Clan) and paternal grandparents are Tábaahá (Water’s Edge Clan). 

Donald joined the Law Center in 2018 - bringing more than ten years of experience working in Native communities in rural and urban settings. His educational background Includes a Bachelor’s Degree. from Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, and the completion of course work for his Master’s Degree from the University of Arizona in American Indian Studies. Donald frames his advocacy around respecting the spirit of K’e (kinship), regardless of race, gender age or ability. A large percentage of his work is with judicial involved youth and their families; he is fluent in Navajo.