Floyd Nelson

Director of Administration and Finance


Floyd Nelson, is from Flagstaff, Arizona and has resided on or near the reservation most of his life. His clan relationships are Hashk’aan Dine’eh (Yucca Fruit People), born for the Biih Bit’oohnii Clan (Deer Spring People); maternal grandparents are of the Tsi naajinii Clan (Black Streak or Black Forest Clan) and the paternal grandparents are Nakai, the Latino people.

Floyd attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and later transferred to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff where he received his Bachelor’s of General Studies in Small Business Administration with a minor in Accounting. He and his wife Kathryn have lived in Flagstaff over 20 years and raised three beautiful daughters.

Mr. Nelson has worked in positions of Accounting, Budgeting and Grants/Contracts Administration by working with non-profit and government establishments in Flagstaff. He became acquainted with various types of funding agencies while working with these non-profit entities as a Contracts Manager, Finance Officer, Controller, Grants and Contracts Specialist and Business Manager. He served in the military for five and a half years with the Utah Army National Guard and was honorably discharged in 1987 as a 2nd Lieutenant; then, was later honorably discharged from the US Army Reserves in 1995 as a 1st Lieutenant.